Wallrock Thermal Liners

A clever way to insulate your home, Wallrock Thermal Liner. With a special design to keep rooms warm for longer and help cut the cost of energy bills. As well as warming up a room quicker, it also offers soundproofing. A superb natural thermal liner making a welcome addition to your home.

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Wallrock Thermal Liner

Wallrock Thermal Liner and the new and improved version, Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner, are the number one choice of thermal lining paper for those in the know. This is because Wallrock Thermal Liner is 3.2 mm thick and is designed with one layer of top quality Wallrock Fibreliner, backed with a technologically advanced thermal insulation material ensuring that your rooms not only look beautiful, they will also heat up more quickly thus reducing your energy bills.

Wallrock Thermal Liner offers a massive array of benefits including heat and sound insulation for all types of walls and ceilings including solid walls, damp and mould resistance, plus a wonderfully smooth surface for decorating

Wallrock Thermal Liner Saves Energy & Money

Wallrock Thermal Lining Paper delivers so much more than a traditional lining paper ever will and decorators who take pride in their work know this. You will struggle to find many other lining papers that can boast about their energy saving and insulating properties; their ability to sound and damp proof walls and ceilings; or the superior smooth surface they provide, even over cracked or damaged plaster. (When you need a superior thermal lining paper don't forget to take a look at the New! Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner, which we also stock at GoWallpaper.)

Wallrock Thermal Liner does all of the above tasks with ease which is what makes it the premier thermal lining paper choice for decorating professionals all over the UK. It’s also extremely easy to hang.

Substantially Reduces Heat Loss & Increases Room Warm Up Times

Aside from offering a beautifully smooth surface for decorating, using Wallrock Thermal Liner on your walls and ceilings will reduce heat loss by up to 36% and your rooms will heat up substantially quicker. This means big savings on both energy bills and CO2 emissions. Because Wallrock allows walls to breathe it resists damp and mould growth.

Sound Insulation

Wallrock Thermal Liner also provides a significant amount of Sound Insulation. At 2000hz, which is equal to noise coming from TV’s or radio’s, there will be a 30% reduction in sound transference. At 4000hz, which is equivalent to a loud vacuum or busy main road, noise will be reduced by 35%. Decorate with Wallrock Thermal Liner and your home will not only be warmer, it will be quieter and more tranquil too.

Paste Guide

  • Recommended Adhesive: Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive
  • Adhesive Required: Each roll will use on average 3.5kg (Thermal Liner), 7kg (KV600 Thermal Liner)

Significantly Reduces Room Warm Up Time

Made from a technologically advanced thermal insulation material bonded to a high quality lining paper, Wallrock Thermal Liner creates a warm blanket for your walls and ceilings which significantly reduces room warm up time, stops heat escaping through walls and ceilings, minimises condensation, mould and damp, and reduces your energy bills too.

Energy saving

The most effective place to place any thermal barrier is on the inside of the coldest walls which is why we have developed this product especially for use on the inside of your home. It is especially effective on external walls by which we mean walls that are open to the elements on the other side.

When a room has been lined with Wallrock Thermal Liner it separates the cold mass of the wall from the room environment and reduces both the cooling effect of the wall and cold air currents in the room created by the differential temperature zones within a room. Therefore, the maximum amount of heat is available to heat up the room air.

Rooms thus become warm and cosy up to 65% more quickly and energy consumption is reduced by up to 35%. Any room will benefit from the use of thermal liner, the biggest benefits however are in older houses with solid wall construction.

Crack and texture coverage

The high level of elasticity in the flexible fibres and 3.2mm thickness of the material enable class A and B cracks in base surfaces to be covered very well. Wallrock Thermal Liner also provides excellent coverage of slightly to medium textured base surfaces - without pre-levelling.

Mould prevention

Mould is not only unsightly but is unhealthy too and is often blamed for allergy and other medical problems. Walls that have a surface temperature which is distinctly cooler than the ambient temperature allow condensation to form and as a result are an ideal breeding ground for unhealthy mould formation. This is why the problem is often seen on outside walls and close to windows.

The warm and moist room air condenses on the cooler areas of the walls and creates condensation. The moist walls then form a perfect breeding ground for mould to grow. Permeable Wallrock Thermal Liner is the solution to walls with this kind of problem. It increases the surface temperature of the wall, prevents condensation and therefore combats mould formation.

Easy to Hang

Don’t be put off by the thickness of this liner either. Since it is a Paste the Wall product it is incredibly easy to hang. Just watch the video on the Wallrock Thermal Liner Category Page to see how simple it is.


While Wallrock Thermal Liner supplies a superb surface for paint, we recommend that you use a Non-Woven Lining Paper over the top for a totally flawless finish. If you’re planning on hanging a textured wallpaper such as Wallrock Texture over thermal liner, then a secondary lining paper is unnecessary.
To sum up a fantastic products for thermal insulation, will creat a clean new surface to start decorating on and because of its fantastic range of properties will last for years.