Tiffany Wallpaper Collection

The Belgravia Tiffany Wallpaper Collection is light, fine, and elegant. Pastel colours and delicate lines make these designs lovely and arty, like a piece of fine art in your space. The collection contains some textured, streaked designs and a few feathery floral or leafy patterns. They’re all sophisticated and elegantly refined, perfect for rooms that need a touch of exciting design without going bright or bold. Whichever room you're looking to redo, the Belgravia Tiffany Wallpaper Collection is an excellent choice for your decor. 

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The leading supplier of beautiful wallpapers in the UK, Belgravia has been making homes happy since 1978. They offer a huge variety of designs, so no matter your home decor taste, there’ll be something in their collections that you fall in love with.

Whichever one you choose; they’re created with European style and flair. Owned by an Italian design company and designed by various British and European artists, each design is carefully thought out and lovingly created to bring a particular feeling to your space.

Designs in the Tiffany Wallpaper Collection are fine, light, and beautifully textured. Their leaf and flower designs stand out pleasingly against the neutral backgrounds, thanks to a raised texture that adds life to the design.

Stunning “rainy window” streaked designs also stand out strikingly thanks to their texture. Some feature small pearls scattered across the wall that catch the light and bring a sparkle to your room.

The colours in this range are pastel, muted, and neutral. That makes these designs ideal for smaller rooms that need some character but don’t want bright colours or over-the-top patterns. Between the fine-art drawing style and the subtle hues, these designs look like a piece of art on your wall.

They’re washable, which means you never have to worry about them being damaged by dust or everyday dirt. It also means you can use them with confidence in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as other areas that may be at risk of mild splashing.

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