Shop by Room

Create fresh ideas in your home with our superb collection of wallpapers and paints. From simple to the more stylish, you will find plenty of ideas for room styling in our extensive wallpaper range to create ambience and atmosphere to any room in your home.

We are conscious that different rooms need different attention when decorating so we’ve put together some key points to consider for each room when looking for suitable wallpaper styles.

The Bathroom

When looking to redecorate the bathroom, you need to consider the style of wallpaper you choose as well as the wallpaper style. Bathrooms tend to be rather damp places and as such, you need to carefully consider where you apply wallpaper and what kind of wallpaper you apply. Wallpaper designs for the bathroom are much easier. Plainer styles in pastel tones work well in this watery environment and can help lighten and brighten the room, whist stripe designs in nautical colours can add a sophisticated touch.

The Bedroom

You will want to choose a calming and tranquil wallpaper style for your bedroom. We therefore recommend  patterned wallpaper in pastel tones such as a floral print or a striking print in monotone colours like damask print to add elegance to the room. Try to avoid colours that are too bright yet select a wallpaper design style that will suit your personality.

The Living Room

Practically anything goes when you choose to redecorate a living room. Opt for wallpaper styles that reflect your taste and the atmosphere of the room. If selecting a busy, bold patterned wallpaper, consider creating a feature wall and using more subtle wallpaper for the other walls.

The Dining Room

Most dining rooms benefit from a formal, elegant wallpaper style. Striking patterns in eye-catching colours are perfect whilst plain designs with interesting accents like texture or glitter work well to add a luxurious touch.

Whichever room you’re looking to redecorate this season, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect wallpaper style in our extensive wallpaper collection.