Kirby Wallpaper Collection

Add depth and character to your walls with these retro-style designs by Crown. The skillful designs of the geometric ovals or the ombre stripes from the Kirby Wallpaper Collection create an elegant blend of colour on your walls. The combination of pink and grey adds soft beauty, while the brighter mustard and grey brings warmth into your rooms. Or go for more neutral combinations of grey and charcoal or natural and beige, allowing you freedom of choice with your colour palette. Available at Go Wallpaper UK.

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Be inspired by the latest retro creations from leading wallcovering specialist, Crown. Choose from a geometric oval pattern or stripes with an ombre effect, adding sublime colour to your walls and infusing your rooms with light.

The expert combinations of colour create an effective backdrop for your stylish furnishings. The ombre stripes are an array of linear stripes blending together to form a subtle pattern of colour in pink or mustard, paired with grey. Another option is the monochrome stripe effect in grey and charcoal, enabling you to add the colour of your choice in furnishings and working really well as a background for your eclectic artwork. Or go for neutrals in natural and beige, teamed up with natural woods and fabrics and perhaps complimented with bright, vibrant colour.

For retro geometric patterns on your walls consider the oval patterns with an overlapping effect creating interesting variations in your chosen colours. These ovals come in the same shades as the stripes and can be used in combination, creating a true retro effect in your home. Place the stripes horizontally to broaden a narrow room, or vertically to give height.

Crown wallpapers offer quality and style. Allow the skillful mix of colours and patterns to transform your home into an energy hub. Available now at Go Wallpaper UK.