Larson Wallpaper Collection

Discover your hidden talent for exquisite décor with the elegant colours and patterns of the Larson Wallpaper Collection. Designed exclusively by Fine Décor, the stripes, checks or lush leaf patterns are bold and effective on your walls, with the fine metallic detail adding that extra touch of class. Available in superb combinations of charcoal and gold, navy and silver or grey and silver, these on-trend designs lend an ambience of graceful beauty to your home.

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Introduce light and sparkle to your rooms with the Larson Wallpaper Collection, offering a sophisticated range of wallcoverings in a variety of elegant patterns and harmonious colour combinations. Fine Décor have been manufacturing wallpaper for over 100 years, and their commitment to quality ensures lasting beauty on your walls.

Choose from broad stripes or a neat check pattern, all with a superbly textured finish that gives the impression of a fabric weave on your walls. These geometric designs have a final exquisite touch to them in the form of a thin metallic stripe in gold or silver, designed to add that special bit of glitz to your décor. Or consider something a little more playful in the form of large, lush leaves with fine gold or silver detail, outlining and highlighting the beautiful patterns. The Larson range comes in superb colour mixes of navy and silver, grey and silver or a delectable charcoal and gold, and there are plain wallpapers in matching colours, adding texture and simple colour to alternate walls.

These wallpapers create an ambience of graceful sophistication in your rooms, complimenting your stylish décor and transforming your home into a haven of beauty. Available now at Go Wallpaper UK.