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For geometric shapes in a range of beautiful hues separated by thin metallic lines and scatterings of palm leaves, these options from the Miami Wallpaper Collection by Fine Décor add light and dimension to your walls. Choose between brilliant emerald and gold, sultry charcoal and copper, or a lighter colourway in grey or natural green with the metallic strips adding a touch of sparkle to the overall effect.

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The Miami Wallpaper Collection offers geometric patterns on your walls in hues of gorgeous colour outlined by thin metallic lines and softened by whispers of feathery palms which add gentle rays of light to the overall effect.

Brighten up your rooms with a wallpaper that infuses your rooms with light: beautiful hues of grey offset by silvery palms offering the ultimate in elegance and an ambience of sheer beauty; or a subtle breath of nature in the form of pale green palms amidst gentle creamy hues, adding a sense of peace to your living areas.

The Miami Wallpaper Collection also caters for the more adventurous décor schemes: try brilliant Emerald and gold, striking charcoal and copper or muted tones of navy with silvery highlights. The geometric lines in a sparkling metallic finish add a touch of class and the lighter palms offer an appealing contrast to the deeper colours.

Fine Décor have a wealth of experience in the manufacture of wallpaper, producing high quality and innovative designs using the latest techniques. These superb wall coverings are in stock now at Go Wallpaper UK.