If you are looking to create a fresh and fabulous new look, try adding beautiful blush tones to a room. With so many shades of blush to choose from today, blush quartz wallpaper collection designs could not be better.

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Quartz is renowned for its subtle shimmering effect and this beautiful wallpaper collection is no different. The Quartz Wallpaper Collection is designed to add elegance and luxury to any room and is sure to make a welcome addition to your home.

The collection contains a range of designs from plain styles to geometric prints, floral designs to stunning stripes. Each design is brought to life in a modern colour palette of silver, gold, pewter and bronze for an even more luxurious look. Glitter accents create the iconic shimmer that completes the Quartz Wallpaper Collection.

Designed to be used alone or mixed and matched for a versatile look, the Quartz Wallpaper Collection features something to suit every room. Browse the full collection now to transform your home.