Wanderlust Wallpaper Collection

The Grandeco Wanderlust Wallpaper Collection is classy and sophisticated. It’s a small range, but those who like contemporary designs with a dash of elegance will appreciate the collection. The designs feature geometric patterns on mostly neutral colours, which give off an air of sophistication.  Classic designs blended into different colours bring a unique and exciting vibe to your space. For a stronger feeling in your space, choose from a range of darker shades with a twist in their design. The Grandeco Wanderlust Wallpaper Collection offers exceptional designs for everyone. 

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Grandeco is a trusted premium wallpaper brand in the UK, creating irresistible wallpaper designs and supplying them to UK residents. They have a variety of designs, all with excellent quality and distinctive patterns, making sure everyone can find something they love. 

No matter what your choice, these special designs are all embodiments of contemporary style with a splash of sophistication and elegance. Although the company is one of the leading brands in the UK market, the designs are a combination of artistic talents from all over Europe. 

The Grandeco Wanderlust Wallpaper Collection is classy, smooth, and intricately designed. For nature lovers, the koi patterns offer a brilliant design that is sure to please the eyes. The different shades of green leaves give off a relaxing and peaceful vibe.

If sophistication and class are the goals, then the golden geometric patterns on different colour palettes are exquisite designs, a delectable range to choose from. The colours range from neutral to strong, so as to complement the atmosphere in the space. 

The wallpaper designs in this collection are fitting and convenient for every room in the home. They’re washable, so you can use them in wet rooms such as bathrooms and the kitchen as much as you can in any other room.