Cascading Gardens Wallpaper Collection

The Cascading Gardens Wallpaper Collection introduces the splendour of nature to your walls in gorgeous colour. From lush, leafy forests alive with tropical birds and butterflies to living walls and metallic trellis work intertwined with vines and fruit, all tastefully designed to add artistic flair to your stylish home.

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Invite nature indoors with a large selection of beautifully illustrated gardens and forests to choose from. The exquisite artwork in brilliant colour combinations adds lively interest to your walls from the Cascading Gardens Wallpaper Collection.

Keep it simple with a botanical ombre stripe in gorgeous teal, or a leafy living wall in a beautiful mono colour design.  At the other end of the scale there is an energetic tropical Comoro Garden complete with quirky little lemurs, or consider the Alata Floral wallpaper with a variety of brilliantly coloured flowers draped on an ornate trellis.

In addition to stunning gardens, an assortment of creatures abounds: shy forest animals; curious exotic birds in bright colours; elegant water birds or a bunch of cool tigers and elephant strolling through age-old archways lined with plants. A striking geometric trellis framing palm fronds is home to an inquisitive cockatoo – spot the lizards and butterflies. Or peer through rustic window frames to spy on a pair of brilliant green lovebirds in dense tropical forest.

Designed by Holden Décor, the Cascading Gardens Wallpaper Collection offers more than gardens. There are weathered concrete designs in textured patches of colour, beautiful Ombre stripes and wooden geometric designs. Holden Décor take pride in offering a large range of innovative and high-quality wall coverings. This range is available now at Go Wallpaper UK.