Dream Catcher Wallpaper Collection

The Dream Catcher Wallpaper Collection has something for all ages: soft pastels grace nursery walls, while funky dinosaurs and busy gym animals keep your children entertained. For teens and young adults there are options like graffiti and gaming that add bright, neon colour to bedrooms and dens. Give your child a wallpaper that is sure to create happy memories for years to come. 

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Go Wallpaper UK is proud to introduce the Dream Catcher Wallpaper Collection, specifically designed with young children in mind. Holden Décor, the creators of this stunning collection, use innovative technology to bring you the latest in style and artwork for your walls.

For newly born babies you might want something that is soft and gentle, that will last through the toddler stages too – take a look at the simple tutti fruity option with pops of bright colour or the gentle boho rainbows which are sure to last for years, bringing joy to each stage of your child’s development.

Tots and toddlers appreciate something with a bit more action, so why not take a look at the bouncy animal gymnastic range, still offering soft pastel colour. Or brighten it up with a whacky wallpaper with dinosaurs and other Jurassic creatures, for some subtle comedy on your child’s walls.

There are squiggles to suit everyone, and graffiti scribblings for older children. The stunning dream catchers in metallic detail are bound to charm your teenagers with their aesthetic beauty, and the boho sunbeams are a great option for any age group. Gamers have their very own wallpaper in dark colour with striking neon detail, and there is a large, electrifying graffiti option that is sure to grab your teenager’s attention.

Some of the wallpapers from the Dream Catcher Wallpaper Collection work well in living rooms and bedrooms, no matter your age, lending ambience and beauty to your surroundings from Holden Décor’s creative team. Available now from Go Wallpaper UK.