Eden Wallpaper Collection

The Muriva Eden Wallpaper Collection is a splendid collection full of stylish tones and beautiful illustrations that are simple in design yet impactful in appeal, our wallpaper collection will inject a creative finish to your home interior. A splendid collection of retro and modern leaf patterns, artistic watercolour tree drawings, scenic tropical landscapes, abstract and geometric stripe prints and some woven, distressed effect and timeless toile designs that’ll surely elevate your interiors.

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The Muriva Eden Wallpaper Collection features artistic impressions of beautifully detailed illustrations, eclectic patterns, abstract and unique textures that’ll help you achieve the stylish and modern update that you wish.

Tailored with a touch of modern freshness, the wallpapers from this collection cover bright and vibrant colour palettes, as well as bold and plain prints, you can feel the striking impression as you use Muriva Eden Wallpaper in your space.

The wallpapers in the Muriva Eden Wallpaper Collection are inspired by magnificent landscapes of nature and the raw beauty of the outside to add zest to your walls. Incorporate rich character in your space that’s aesthetically pleasing and truly eye-catching.

With many marvellous designs to choose from, it’s a breeze to pick a design from the Muriva Eden Wallpaper Collection that works perfectly with your interior style and furnishings to create an elegant and trendy space that reflects your personality and desires. 

If you’re simply looking to introduce a crisp and unique interior decor into your living space, this wallpaper collection is suited perfectly to wrap across all walls or create a feature wall for almost any room in your home.

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