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The Muriva Pop Wallpaper Collection showcases artistic urban scenes, exposed brickwork effects, cool stripe and geometric reproductions, and plain designs in vibrant and neutral colours. Go trendy and express your individuality with this stylish collection. Step into a modern, artistic trend that stylishly balances colours and patterns in a unique style to increase the impact of each tone and motif. Each design is intricately created that every time you gaze at the wallpaper, it won’t fail to swoon you off your feet. 

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The Muriva Pop Wallpaper Collection includes a wow-worthy selection of superb designs that will be an attention-getter masterpiece to any space in your home. Watch your guests’ eyes brighten with delight as they enjoy your stunning interior backdrop from this design collection.

Whether you want to invest in the street art wave or enjoy trendy geometrics, the Muriva Pop Wallpaper Collection provides a dreamy backdrop with neutral to vibrant colour palettes full of creativity that seems to be bustling with movement and give your space a focal point.

Try a more adventurous styling with the designs from the Muriva Pop Wallpaper Collection and fill your home with personality and spark. Wrap your walls with monochromatic interiors in charming colour or create a single accent wall with artistic stripes in all their fabulous variations.

Use the exposed brick effect tastefully with its delectable colours or choose to adorn your walls with abstract graffiti or art poster styles to give your space an urban edge. Bring a playful pop of colour and patterning to your space from the Muriva Pop Wallpaper Collection.

If you are looking for a straightforward solution to upgrade your interior, you are at the right place. Expect to steal all the attention and receive admiration when you use any wallpaper designs from this quality wallpaper collection.

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