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The Ohpopsi Icon Mural Collection is a lovingly curated collection of artisanal hand-painted murals and faux finishes to bring your walls to life. With sophisticated design details, explore the infinite possibilities of decorating your walls with this fantastic collection.

Offering a unique range of fabulous, high-quality, affordable art, this amazing wall mural collection provides an infinitely imaginative background that calls out to be explored and cherished with every glance.

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The Ohpopsi Icon Mural Collection boasts an array of designs that brings you the best of both worlds. From simple designs for every day to heavenly wall murals for the most discerning tastes. A wall mural for every home.

With a selection of beautiful wall murals, each piece tells an engaging story for any interior setting. Create an individual and lasting impression of your own style and taste by choosing your favourite from our amazing range of designs, from minimalist to highly detailed.

Our wall murals provide you with an imaginative escape from the stresses of your daily life in elegant style. Imagine the excitement of entering a secret garden or a journey through some of the world's most beautiful landscapes, creating a picturesque background for every room.

Enjoy superbly elegant wall mural designs with the Ohpopsi Icon Mural Collection. This gorgeous collection features a variety of geometric and abstract designs in a sea of magical colours. Each piece of artwork is a masterpiece created especially for you.

Make your wall a beautiful canvas that is sure to wow your interior style using this Ohpopsi Icon Mural Collection. This line is designed to transform an ordinary space into an impressive work of art that will liven up your home and make you proud.

View the full Ohpopsi Icon Mural Collection at Go Wallpaper UK that is sure to fit your expectations…