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Create a fresh new look in your home with cream. Take a look at our extensive selection of beige feature origin murals and cream coloured origin murals to help you transform a room. Plain or patterned, shimmering or subtle, create that luxury look.
Looking for Playroom origin murals ideas? From casual to formal Playroom origin murals, create the right atmosphere in your Playroom with our carefully selected patterns and designs.
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Be adventurous with colour and graphic style this season with the large range of wall murals expertly crafted by Origin Murals. It is said that every picture tells a story and nothing is quite as visual as your choice of furnishing combined with a descriptive mural on your walls, an affirmation of your unique personality and style.

Origin Murals are experts in digital print, taking pride in their bold, large-scale designs in exquisite artistic detail. The large selection of wall coverings in diverse style and colour ensures that there is something to suit all your decorating requirements, adding superb, energetic art to your walls.

A special mural on your wall introduces ambience and harmony to your living areas. From children’s murals in bright colours to teens’ energetic pop art, graceful pastel designs or vibrant geometric patterns, vintage or space age, calming or energising, and just plain beautiful, it’s all there, waiting for you.