Washable sassy b have a thin transparent coating covering the pattern printed on to the base paper. This coating gives them more resistant to stains and marks and allows them to be regularly wiped down with a damp cloth.
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Sassy B takes inspiration from timeless retro patterns and turns them into a thing of beauty. Find yourself lost in the delicate colours and adorable patterns of each design and watch your space glow with elegance and sparkle with class.

Boasting a selection of splendid designs, Sassy B got all your design aspirations covered to revamp your interior. May it be modern or classic, vibrant or minimalist, bold or simple, they surely have a design to match.

Featuring gorgeous patterns with a funky and refreshing vibe, Sassy B wallpaper designs inject playful patterns and eye-popping colours into your space. From cute cherubs to daring or minimalist face patterns, get points for an eccentric and fun interior style.

Designed to elevate your interior, Sassy B wallpapers have a range of designs to transform your space. These washable wallpaper designs can wrap the walls of almost any room in your home. Create a wow-worthy space using the Sassy B Wallpaper designs.