Wallrock Thermal Liner Collection

The Wallrock Thermal Liner Collection is one of the most popular in our Wallrock range. With many benefits, including thermal efficiency and energy savings, Wallrock Thermal Liners are proving to be a Must for home decor or office projects.

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Wallrock are one of the market leaders in the thermal insulation field, offering a range of high quality products which can help save you energy, and money.

The Wallpaper Thermal Liner Collection contains a range of thermal lining papers and adhesives which are sure to help trap heat within your home for a happier, healthier life. Choose from Thermal Liner, improved Wallrock KV600 or Wallrock Fibreliner depending on your needs.

Offering a smooth, professional finish and reductions on your energy bills, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the Wallrock Thermal Liner Collection.