Professional Lining Paper

If you are looking for a perfect finish to your walls, take a look at our Professional lining paper collection by Erfurt Mav. Designed to work in various ways including thermal and sound insulation as well as smooth walls.

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One of the most important elements of any home decorating project is getting a professional finish. It’s all well and good applying the final layer of wallpaper in the most professional way possible, however, if you haven’t done the prep work underneath, you’ll never get that beautiful finish that you’re looking for.

At Go Wallpaper, we know that one of the most important elements for a professional finish is getting the wall smooth and even, ready for the final layer of wallpaper. The only way to do this is through using good quality lining paper. Our range of professional lining paper offers a whole host of different types and grades, which are designed to work in different ways from offering thermal and sound insulation through to holding damaged plaster together and disguising plastering imperfections.

So whether you’re redecorating one wall, or your entire home, make sure you choose a good quality lining paper to get the result you deserve.