5 Reasons to Use Lining Paper Most people are unsure about when to use lining paper so we thought we’d outline five reasons why lining paper should be used when you are wallpapering a room. Reason # 1 – Smoothing The most common reason for a decorator to use a lining paper is to smooth out the wall. This is important in order to get a good, flat finish on your walls. A thin lining paper can be used to disguise any hairline cracks in the wall’s plastering whilst thicker lining papers such as Wallrock Fibreliner Lining Paper can be used to help cover pitting and more noticeable plastering imperfections. Reason #2 – Reducing Shrinkage Some wallpapers, especially woven ones, tend to expand when wet and shrink when dry. This can leave gaps between sheets of wallpaper, even if you have taken every care not to let this happen whilst hanging the paper. By using lining paper, you are actually helping with the drying process which in turns holds the wallpaper in its expanded shape as required for a better looking finish. Reason #3 – Reducing Staining There are two ways in which staining might occur to your wallpaper. Firstly, substances on the wall itself might leach into the wallpaper once hung and cause staining. The use of lining paper eliminates this risk as the wallpaper itself is not in direct contact with the wall. Secondly, when paste is applied to some wallpaper, the added moisture can cause colours to bleed or run. As lining paper speeds up the drying process, it can help to reduce this issue. Reason #4 – Durability Often if wallpaper is applied directly to a bare plastered wall or to a previously painted wall, after drying the wallpaper may peel off. Thanks to the use of lining paper, your wallpaper will have increased durability and is much more likely to stay in place if lining paper is used. Reason #5 – Insulation Every layer of paper you apply to the walls of your home creates an extra layer of insulation. The trapped air in between the lining paper and the wall and subsequently the lining paper and the wallpaper will help to trap air – keeping your home warmer and saving you energy. Click here to find a suitable lining paper for your needs.