Interior design styles change season on season and although it’s not very practical, or cost effective, to re decorate your entire home every season, it is nice to update dated décor with more contemporary styles in keeping with the current season. Here we look at three core trends for Autumn/winter 2013 when it comes to choosing contemporary wallpaper.

Floral Wallpaper
The first trend when it comes to contemporary wallpaper is actually a variation of the spring trend and incorporates floral designs. For autumn/winter 2013 the floral prints are larger than ever making wallpaper designs heavily patterned and bold in style. The colours for this season are rich, vibrant and intense so think deep purples like aubergine combined with dark fuchsia, petrol blue and mustard yellow instead of the teals and oranges of the summer. For the greenery, the lime green shades have been replaced with emerald and moss green for a more natural look of foliage. Other nature inspired wallpaper designs to watch out for this season include branch and naked tree designs, conveying the barren winter ahead.

Photo Inspired Wallpaper
Moving away for floral and nature inspired prints, the other trend which is highly sought after this season is that of full colour, photo wallpaper featuring real-life images. These range in style from classic movie style poster inspired wallpaper designs featuring the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and other hay-day stars through to more iconic landscapes with the most fashionable being New York and London. As this style of wallpaper is so ‘in your face’ it is really only designed to be used as a feature wall and remember to use with caution in small rooms as it can be over powering in some instances.

Themed Wallpaper
Themed wallpaper is another hot trend in the modern wallpaper stakes this season. Most suitable to rooms with less traffic, themed wallpapers can range from graffiti prints through to retro 70s or 80s trends. Again, use with caution as a retro inspired wallpaper can soon look out-dated if used in the wrong setting – you’re not after the authentic look but a more modern interpretation which is very current but a throw-back style.

So whatever your motivation for redecorating a room with contemporary wallpaper, UK trends this season allow you to create drama and add colour to any room in your home.