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A Solution to Damp Walls

A Solution To Damp Walls

Is your existing wallpaper stained, constantly damp or bubbled due to damp coming through the wall? Are there patches of mould growing on it and a slight musty aroma? Then this is probably due to damp (not condensation damp) in your home. There are a number of reasons for this including leaking gutters, dripping pipes, rising damp and generally damp walls. The first thing you need to do to fix the cause of the problem which is relatively easy in the case of gutters, pipes and rising damp, especially if you get professionals in. However generally damp walls are slightly harder to remedy - don’t fear though, you can still enjoy beautifully wallpapered walls thanks a revolutionary product called 3 in 1 Damp Proof Foil Lining Paper by Anderton.

Ok so it’s not the catchiest name in the world of lining paper but it will certainly do the job. The 3 in 1 section of the name refers to the three layers which come on each roll:

1. Aluminium Foil – this layer creates a barrier to stop the moisture from going any further.

2. Bitumen –this layer prevents the staining associated with damp walls.

3. Kraft Paper – this layer helps to smooth out walls.

It’s really simple to use. Strip off any affected wallpaper and discard. Then apply the 3 in 1 Damp Proof Foil Lining Paper to the affected walls – it’s really important to use Anderton’s Damp Foil Adhesive as this will ensure that the damp proof lining paper won’t peel away from the walls. Once the foil lining paper has been applied, you can add another layer of standard lining paper over the top if you wish or directly apply your chosen wallpaper.

And there you have it, beautifully redecorated walls without a trace of damp (not condensation damp).