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Wallpaper That Tells A Story

In the world of interior design, decorating trends move just as fast as seasonal fashion trends do. Gone are the days of having plain magnolia walls and neutral colour schemes. Instead, people are looking for colourful wallpapers that convey their personality and even tell a story about the person or their life. Luckily a number of designer wallpaper brands have realised and embraced this trend, amongst them is the Rasch wallpaper collection. Here are three great looks you can achieve using Rasch designs.

London Baby
Whether you’re natively British or have moved over from another country, the capital city holds much appeal. Having a long history, iconic monuments and generally a great vibe, why would a wallpaper design company like Rasch not want to embrace it? Their highly skilled design team have embraced all that is British and put it on wallpaper to really get the message out there. The Rasch London wallpaper collection incorporates a number of designs including wallpaper inspired by the immense London Underground system combined with the iconic Mini and a wallpaper boarder featuring the Union Jack and Big Ben. Using a limited yet timeless colour scheme, the end result are sophisticated wall coverings which will make a great addition to your home.

The Big Apple
New York is one of those places in the world that everyone wants to visit at some time in their life and thanks to a selection of Rasch wallpaper designs you can now visit New York every day without leaving the comfort of your home. The Rasch design team have put together a series of wallpaper designs that feature the iconic New York City subway system. Using contemporary yet subtle colours, the wallpaper is surprisingly not overwhelming and lends itself well to modern apartments, flats and townhouses. We recommend using it just on one wall to add an urban vibe to any room in your home.

Street Art
Floral prints and subtle patterns might be the wallpaper choice of many but what do the young, fashionable and urban professionals want on their walls? Graffiti. Well of course most people don’t want graffiti in the form of annoying tags on their walls but Rasch have come up with a range of wallpaper designs which embrace the street art element of graffiti and bring it into your home. With faux brickwork and colourful doodles, their urban graffiti range is a must in any apartment.

So next time you decide to decorate your home, look beyond the conventional and instead opt for something a little more unique that conveys your inner style.