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Blue Wallpaper

Blue Wallpaper

If you are looking to create a fresh and fabulous new look, try adding beautiful blue tones to a room. With so many shades of blue to choose from today, blue wallpaper designs could not be better.

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Blue Wallpaper

Blue might be synonymous with cool and cold, however, depending on the shade you choose, it can transform any room. Blue tones have been used in the world of interior design for hundreds of years. A regal colour and once a status symbol, it was highly sought after in the UK and throughout Europe in its hay-day. Today blue is known as a sophisticated and calming colour which is sure to have a place in any home.

Light blue wallpaper shades like duck egg and baby blue are perfect for creating a tranquil bedroom, whether for a nursery, kid’s room or an adult haven. Mid-blue tones entice and delight which makes them perfect for informal living areas and family rooms. Dark and navy blue wallpapers are perfect for adding an air of sophistication to a more formal space like a dining room.

Most blue tones coordinate perfectly with other colours whether neutral or more vibrant in origin so blue wallpaper works well in a wide range of colour schemes and patterned looks.

Whatever home décor project you’re undertaking, blue wallpaper will make a great addition to a fabulous, fresh look.