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Bronze & Gold

Welcome to our Bronze and Gold Wallpaper Collection. A luxurious and sophisticated range from metallic gold wallpaper to stunning abstract designs on bronze wallpaper. Pure opulence.

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When it comes to choosing colour combinations for your home décor, there are certain tones and shades which will add opulence to any room. Two such shades are bronze and gold wallpapers. These offer a luxurious look which can be flat for sophistication or shimmering for glamour.

Bronze can add a vintage, aged look to any room whether you choose plain bronze wallpaper or a patterned one. Damask and elaborate floral wallpapers with bronze tones can add an Edwardian or Victorian look to any home whilst a sliver of bronze in a stripe can help add a luxurious touch to any striped wallpaper. Bronze can be combined with a wide range of earthy brown and neutral shades to create a stunning look that will amaze and delight.

Gold is synonymous with status and wealth and it therefore works brilliantly in a formal living space such as a living room or dining room. Again, damask and floral designs look stunning with gold tones, especially metallic gold wallpaper whilst more abstract designs also look fabulous with gold hints throughout. Gold wallpaper offers warmth to a room and works surprisingly well with bold shades like red, purple and black.

At Go Wallpaper we offer a range of bronze and gold wallpapers which will give a fresh, new look to any room whether used alone or together.