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Brown & Chocolate

Our riches await you with our beautiful collection of brown and chocolate wallpaper designs. A beautiful brown wallpaper selection of warming tones and designs to add sophistication to your home.

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If you’re looking to add warmth, sophistication and style to any room, then brown and chocolate shades are a Must.

Brown wallpaper was originally seen in the 1930s and used extensively in home décor throughout the following few decades. A key part in retro designs and now a firm favourite with natural styles too, brown has a wide range of uses. Light browns such as Mink can give a neutral, tranquil feel to a room whilst darker shades can add richness. Versatile in nature, brown wallpaper works well in many other colour schemes from aqua and yellow through to green and beige. Choose combinations of patterned and plain brown wallpaper to create a fabulous look in any room.

Chocolate wallpaper is a slightly more modern addition to the world of interior design. A richer, more elegant shade than most brown wallpapers, chocolate wallpaper offers an eye-catching and sophisticated look. A tad darker than most brown tones, chocolate wallpaper is perfect for adding accents to a room whether as a feature wall or as part of a patterned design. Again chocolate wallpaper works well with many other shades and looks especially rich when teamed with light shades like white, cream or ivory.

So whatever room you’re decorating this season, brown and chocolate wallpaper can play a great part in creating a luxurious new look.