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Graphite, Grey & Charcoal Wallpaper

Graphite, Grey & Charcoal Wallpaper

Looking for something a little different? Have a look at our collection of Graphite, Grey and Charcoal Wallpaper. A beautiful collection of versatile and very stylish shades of grey wallpaper to create a new lease of life.

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Graphite, Grey & Charcoal Wallpaper

Grey wallpaper has made an epic comeback in the last few years in the world of interior design. First used extensively through the 1980s, it was often teamed with black and red tones to create the styles of the day. By the early 2000s, grey wallpaper was so synonymous with that era that it was often considered dated and shunned in favour of other shades.

Thankfully grey wallpaper is back on the home décor theme and this time round, there are a wider range of shades on offer.

Those wallpapers now referred to as grey, are often light in colour and feature different finishes to create a new lease of life. Versatile in origin, these grey wallpaper designs are perfect for teaming with brighter shades to create a fresh, modern look. Yellow and aqua are firm partners for the coming season and will really help to accent light grey wallpaper.

Mid-toned grey shades are often referred to as graphite today. Graphite wallpapers are a little warmer in tone and can be used alone or paired with other shades. Working beautifully with other warm shades like orange and terracotta, graphite wallpaper designs have a range of uses throughout your home.

Charcoal wallpapers are darker still on the grey spectrum. A great compromise between grey and black, charcoal wallapers can be used to frame spaces and play with the dimensions of any room. Working well alone or when teamed with whites, ivory or cream wallpaper, charcoal wallpaper can make a welcome addition to any home.

At Go Wallpaper UK, we stock a wide range of grey, graphite and charcoal wallpapers to allow you to create a fabulous, new look in any room of your home.