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If you are looking for pure luxury, take a look at our Damask Wallpaper Collection. Simply beautiful modern and vintage patterns in a broad range of colours. Damask Wallpaper always makes a welcome addition to any home.

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Damask designs date back to the 18th Century. Italian, French and Spanish designers used damask weaves to create elaborate designs for home furnishings. Damask designs were therefore common on furniture pieces like chairs, heavy drapes and wall hangings.

As the techniques in the production of wallpaper became more advanced, damask wallpaper designs appeared. These were typically either flocked or textured fabric reproductions of the original wall hangings and used predominantly in formal settings.

Today damask designs are as popular as ever and luckily much more affordable. There are two common designs of the day, vintage damask wallpaper designs which simulate fabric dulled and worn by age, and more modern damask wallpapers. The vintage damask wallpaper designs are perfect for use in period homes and will add a touch of character to any room. More modern designs utilise a broader colour spectrum with some great variations available.

Damask wallpapers have many uses around the home and will make a welcome addition to any room this season and for years to come. Check out our extensive range to find the best design for your home.