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Geometric & Panel

Geometric and Panel Wallpaper is perfect for adding colour and pattern to a room. Cleverly designed and impressive to look at, our collection of Geometric wallpapers are guaranteed to make a statement in your home.

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Geometric and Panel prints have been around since ancient times. Known for their stark lines, triangles and circles, geometric patterns adorned pottery, flooring and walls all the way back to around 5th millennia BC. However, it was the 1970s when they become most popular in interior design here in the UK.

The birth of geometric wallpaper has taken these lines and shapes, and combined them with vivid colours to create designs never before seen on walls in the 70s. Half a decade of innovation led to elaborate geometric wallpaper designs that amazed and delighted those of the era.

The 70s décor trends have been popular in the retro wallpaper stakes for a while. Today’s modern geometric wallpapers take the best of the 70s and combine them with modern elements to create styles that look fresh and exciting.

Geometric pattern wallpaper is perfect for adding both colour and interest to a room, especially as a feature wall and will make a welcome addition to any home.