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This anaglypta is made from paper where the paste is applied to the back of the anaglypta before hanging as it requires soak time, which is a way to activate the paste while letting the paper rest before hanging the strip, to achieve an easier hanging use ready mixed adhesive
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When you think of Anaglypta, you automatically think of high quality, textured wallpapers. That’s because for the last 125 years, that’s exactly what Anaglypta have been producing. 

Their wallpaper range is now extensive, offering something for every home. For those looking for the original Anaglypta look, then browse the aptly named Anaglypta Original collection which features timeless designs from yesteryear. If vintage is your style, then the Anaglypta Supaglypta range is for you, featuring stunning designs that you will know and love. 

The Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl collection contains a selection of more modern and contemporary design whilst Anaglypta Pro offers super strength and extra deep embossing. If you’re looking for something extra-tough, the Anaglypta Armadillo and Armadillo Contact collections are hard wearing as they won’t flatten or scuff. 

For something elegant and a little different, check out the Anaglypta Dado Panel collection which features four unique looks.  Plus Anaglypta now offer a variety of lining paper grades to offer a smooth, professional finish, every time. 

So whatever style you are looking for this season, the Anaglypta collection is a must-see.