Wallrock Dampstop Collection

Wallrock Dampstop Foil Paper is part of our Wallrock Dampstop Collection. Simple and effective damp solutions for your home, at low cost. Technology in advance, Wallrock Dampstop provides a barrier against damp and mould in your home. Take a look.

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Wallrock are renowned for their superior home décor products which offer great solutions to everyday problems. The Wallrock Dampstop Collection is specially designed to provide a barrier against damp and mould problems in the home and is sure to make a welcome addition to any home.

The Wallrock Dampstop Collection contains Wallrock Dampstop Foil which includes a layer of aluminium foil and a layer of light grade lining paper to offer a great barrier against damp whilst the Wallpaper Dampstop Adhesive completes the job for a long lasting finish.

Browse the Wallrock Dampstop Collection to find the perfect products for your damp proofing project.