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Art Deco Wallpaper Making A Huge Come Back

Art Deco is one of the in-looks of the season. Oozing glamour and luxury, it’s no surprise that Art Deco Wallpaper has made a tremendous come back. It offers wallpaper styles synonymous of the period.

Also characterised by rich colours, bold geometry and exquisite detail work, the symmetrical designs have been recreated in today’s replica wallpaper designs. All recognised within big brand names like Arthouse and Little Greene to mention a few.

Here are three of our favourites and how you can make them work in your home.

Art Deco Wallpaper for the Bedroom

Although Art Deco styling is all about luxury and elegance, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun too. This Arthouse Copacabana Black and White Wallpaper offers a modern interpretation of the symmetrical design of the era. In an eye-catching pineapple design, it also has a quirky feel which will add character to any bedroom. The timeless black and white colour scheme ensures that the design transcends the seasons – offering pleasure for years to come.

Style Tip: Use as a feature wall and team with colourful bursts of yellow and rich brown tones for a fashionable finish.

Art Déco Wallpaper for the Living Room
Art Deco wallpaper designs have been updated to offer more subtle colours to work well in today’s homes. Furthermore, the rich colours iconic of art nouveau wallpaper don’t have to be embraced either to get this look. We love the Arthouse Scroll Platinum Glitter Wallpaper which takes the elegant style of the era. It is complete with flourished design and gives a stylish twist thanks to a platinum colour scheme and glitter accents.

Style Tip: Use throughout a living room and team with platinum or chrome accessories for an on-trend finish.

Art Deco for the Dining Room

FInally, it’s often hard to find the bold geometry of the Art Deco era in modern wallpaper styles. However, Little Greene are renowned for blurring the lines between period and modern styling. So, it’s no surprise that they’ve perfectly captured the geometric look in their Little Greene Hampstead Wallpaper in James Blue. This eye-catching wallpaper features architectural influence to create a design that is both striking and elegant in nature.

Style Tip: Use as a feature wall in a dining room or breakfast nook to give the room a new lease of life, enriched with bright colour.

All in all, these Art Deco wallpaper designs are just a glimpse into the exciting collection we have available. Be sure to check out our Art Deco Wallpaper Collection to find the perfect style for your home this season.

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