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Black and White Wallpaper – Contemporary and Dramatic

Black and White Wallpaper – Contemporary and Dramatic 

Black and White Wallpaper has one of those colour schemes that simply never goes out of fashion. The same is happening for Spring 2018. Black and white is now contemporary and dramatic making it the hottest trend for redecorating your home this season.

Amongst the numerous black and white wallpaper designs at Go Wallpaper, we have three particular designs which embrace the dramatic and contemporary style of the season. Here’s a look at the designs and just how to use them in your home this season.

Black and White Wallpaper from Rasch
For those of you that are regular readers of ours, you’ll known that Rasch Wallpaper is one of our favourite brands for dramatic wallpaper designs. Never a brand to disappoint, the Rasch Stag Black and White Glitter Wallpaper is packed full of style for the spring season. This beautiful wallpaper moves on from the country chic styles of last year. It also transforms this stunning stag head design into a great new look. This white wallpaper also features a black design with a contemporary array of markings. Furthermore, a sprinkling of glitter offers a luxurious finish making this wallpaper the perfect option. Particularly for adding contemporary glamour to your master bedroom.

Style Tip: Team this black and white wallpaper with bold, black accessories for a touch more drama.

White Wallpaper With a Twist from Crown
Crown wallpaper is renowned for its timeless styling. To fit the contemporary look this season, we love the Crown Alberta Sheena Glitter Wallpaper in Snow White. Deeply textured for a luxurious look, this design comes to life with thin silver glitter threads. A subtle variation on black and white wallpaper designs for a sophisticated look. This fabulous white wallpaper is also perfect for updating a long, thin room. Furthermore, it works especially well in a living room or hallway.

Style Tip: Add white home furnishings for a beautiful finish that shouts contemporary styling.

Dramatic Brick Styling from Arthouse
Finally, Arthouse are a leading designer wallpaper brand when it comes to dramatic wallpaper. Their wide range of brick wallpaper designs are best-sellers. So the perfect option for a contemporary yet dramatic look for this season is the Arthouse VIP Whitewashed Brick Wallpaper. This eye-catching wallpaper offers a fresh update to brick wallpaper designs. Furthermore, it has a contemporary edge not seen from other wallpaper brands. This stunning wallpaper features an impressive brick print. Perfectly suited for use as a feature wall in a dining room or entertaining area.

Style Tip: Add minimalist styling and accessories to this black and white wallpaper to keep it bang on trend.

Shop the black and white wallpaper collection at Go Wallpaper to find these stunning wallpaper designs. Plenty of styles available online to give your home a new look for the new season.

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