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  • How about Orange Wallpaper? Add Warming Tones To Your Home

    if you’re feeling brave this season you might want to recreate a look from the interior design magazines for spring using orange wallpaper. Yes vibrant, fiery, burnt orange that catches the eye and makes a bold statement about you, your home and your life.

  • Natural Wallpaper and 5 Reasons To Use It In your Home

    Natural wallpaper has been a top choice for wallpaper colours for years and that is because it never goes out of fashion. It has the advantage of being able to work beautifully with virtually any other colour. Here we look at the top five reasons why you should use natural or neutral wallpaper in your home this season.

  • Green Wallpaper Freshens Up Any Room - Inspiring Ideas Just For You

    Green is closely linked to nature, growth, harmony, freshness and safety. This makes it the perfect colour choice for transforming any room in your house this spring. So when it comes to choosing green wallpaper, we’ve got some great ideas for the rooms in your home.

  • Grey Wallpaper is Exciting Not Drab - Timeless Designs Just For You

    Grey wallpaper is exciting this season with a wide range of leading wallpaper designers giving grey wallpaper a brand new lease of life. Grey is neutral yet sophisticated, making it a great choice for any room in your home. Take a look look at some of our favourite grey wallpaper designs of the season.

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