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How about Orange Wallpaper? Add Warming Tones To Your Home

When it comes to updating a room, you might be thinking safe, natural shades that will transcend the seasons. However, if you’re feeling brave this season you might want to recreate a look from the interior design magazines for spring using orange wallpaper. Yes vibrant, fiery, burnt orange that catches the eye and makes a bold statement about you, your home and your life.

So, if you’re feeling brave, read on to find out about three orange wallpaper designs that will give you a look that is bang on trend this season. How to bring style and comfort to your home.

Love Orange Chevrons
Chevrons are perfectly on trend again this season and why not? With a geometric design and a nod to retro classics, chevrons offer a great way to create a feature wall and catch the eye in any room. Coloroll Chevron Geometric Wave Orange Glitter Wallpaper is one of our favourite chevron designs of the season. Secondly, this eye-catching design features the chevron version of pinstripes. It is sure to make a welcome addition to your home. In a bold colour scheme, this orange wallpaper design is a great choice for a dining room or living room this season.

Adore Fifties Styling
If you like retro prints then you’re going to love this orange wallpaper design from Rasch. The Rasch Retro/Geometric Orange Wallpaper features a busy, geometric design reminiscent of fifties floral fun. Furthermore, it is a great way to quickly update the look of any room. In a vibrant, orange and white colour scheme it is striking and perfect for using on two opposing walls for a fashionable finish.

Dream of Warm Stripes
Not sure about retro patterns, then how about stripes? Not just any stripes, the exquisite Elephant Stripe Wallpaper in Saffron from Little Greene offers all the charm of orange in a more traditional way. This beautiful striped wallpaper is a modern interpretation of a historic striped design and combines wide stripes with pinstripes for a great finish. The combination of dark and light orange plays with the mind whilst adding interest to any room. Suitable for use throughout a room, this great orange wallpaper design looks fabulous in a bedroom.

Orange wallpaper really is a great way to update your home this season. If you’re still not sure, take a look at our extensive orange wallpaper collection to find your favourite partner for this season and beyond.

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