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Green or Blue - Try Teal Wallpaper As A Compromise

The Pantone of the year is a lush, vibrant green yet the transitional colours include dark shades of blue this season. Not sure which you prefer – green or blue? Then choose a beautiful compromise with teal wallpaper this season.

The colour teal incorporates elements from both green and blue. It typically conveys tranquility, emotional balance, creativity and joy. It is a grounded colour, offering comfort and compassion. This makes it a great choice for your home this season. With this is mind we’ve chosen three teal wallpaper designs from our extensive wallpaper collection which we’re sure you’ll love this season.

Exquisite Floral Notes
First of all, the AS Creation Lotus Floral Teal/Grey Glitter Wallpaper is by far one of our favourite teal wallpaper designs this season. This exquisite wallpaper has a luxurious look which is inspired by lotus flowers. Offering a tropical design in a stunning grey and teal colour scheme it perfectly balances pattern and colour. Furthermore, the wallpaper is made of blown textured vinyl for a welcoming, textured finish. The glitter accents add a subtle sparkle effect and a touch of glamour. We recommend using this floral wallpaper throughout a bedroom or living room for an on-trend finish. Pops of teal accents through home furnishings and accessories ensure an elegant co-ordinated look.

Opulent Elegance
If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add glamour to any room, we recommend the Arthouse Opera Crystal Diamonds Wallpaper in Teal. This eye-catching wallpaper is inspired by crystals and is sure to make a welcome addition to any room. The wallpaper also features a bead curtain design on flat wallpaper for a modern look. Crystal designs in natural colours offer a great look and the vibrant teal colour scheme offers a sophisticated finish. We recommend this stunning wallpaper for use as a feature wall in a bedroom. Team with softer teal paintwork for a great look.

Outdoor Vibes Within
Finally, our third teal wallpaper pick is the Arthouse Dante Motif Wallpaper in Teal. This fun, fresh wallpaper is inspired by the great outdoors. It also offers a beautiful tranquil look and features an all-over abstract tree design. It is sure to make a welcome addition to any room. A refreshing teal and white colour scheme offers a seasonal feel. Furthermore, the flat finish ensures it looks fabulous in your home. We recommend using this wallpaper throughout a living or dining room. Combine with plain teal curtains and chair covers to complete the look.

In our Teal Wallpaper Collection, you can buy teal wallpaper designs in different styles so browse the full collection to find your favourite.

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