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  • How to Remove Woodchip Wallpaper from Walls & Ceilings Easily

    We’ve all heard those woodchip removal horror stories from fellow DIYers. Where woodchip covered in several layers of paint took 2 days to remove or the walls ended up a gouged, damaged mess that needed re-skimming afterwards. If we’re unlucky enough, we might also have had the experience of trying to get rid of the dreaded woodchip ourselves and gone through many of t...

  • How to Get Smooth Walls for Painting or Wallpapering

    When your walls or ceilings are suffering from cracks, roughness, unevenness, or flakiness it can be difficult to know exactly what to do with them! Should you go to the expense of re-skimming? Try a DIY smooth-over product? Or spend hours filling and sanding?  All of these options are messy, inconvenient (yes you will have to remove all your furniture from the room!) and...

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