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Red Wallpaper Transitions with Pantone of the Year 2017

We’re always thrilled to hear the big reveal for Pantone of the year. Why? Because the Pantone of the year goes a long way in setting the predominant colours of the season. These seasonal colours are used throughout many industries, including the world of interior design. This year we’re excited about the Pantone of the Year and about the transition colours that complement it, especially red wallpaper.

The Pantone of the Year 2017 is….drum roll please….15-0343 also known as Greenery. This eye-catching shade of bright green perfectly captures the spring with a beautiful, fresh look. It is youthful, vibrant and exciting – the perfect colour choice for Pantone of the Year. However, we are equally excited to see the transition colours  - Serenity (a mid-toned blue), Rose Quartz (a pastel pink), Treetop (a dark mossy green), Twilight Purple (a night-sky shade of purple), Onion Blue (a navy tone), Nimbus Cloud (a slightly grey off-white). Our true favourite is Calypso Coral which is more of a red tone than a pink shade.

It is this Calypso Coral that has inspired us most this week. So here are our favourite red wallpaper choices of the season to mirror our favourite transition shade….

#1 – Arthouse Tamara Leaf Wallpaper in Red and Beige
Firstly, we have this eye-catching patterned wallpaper in red tones reminiscent of retro styling. It will make a welcoming addition to your home. The fun, all-over print has a slight Scandinavian vibe which offers the perfect balance of colour and pattern. In a softened red tone, very much like Calypso Coral, this wallpaper is a great choice for adding colour to a living room. Use on one wall as a feature and team with beige accent paper to complete the look.

Get it here:  Arthouse Tamara Leaf Wallpaper in Red and Beige

#2 - Vintique Trail Glitter Wallpaper Red and Cream
Next, we have this exquisite wallpaper design which offers the period elegance of floral patterns. It is another great choice for the coming season. This beautifully designed wallpaper has a busy, antique effect and comes in a warm red and cream colour scheme unique to the era. This wallpaper is a great choice for a bedroom and teamed with red accessories, it will bring out the colour.

Get it here: Vintique Trail Glitter Wallpaper Red and Cream

#3 - Arthouse Dante Stripe Wallpaper in Red

Finally, this eye-catching wallpaper is a modern interpretation of a traditional striped design. This makes it perfect for balancing proportions. As one of our favourite red wallpaper designs, it features a Calypso Coral tone combined with natural earthy tones for a relaxed vibe. This red wallpaper design is also a great way to add colour and sophistication to a dining room. Furthermore, team with gold accessories to create a regal look.

Get it here: Arthouse Dante Stripe Wallpaper in Red

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