You can carefully prepare your walls and choose the most stunning wallpaper that you’ve ever seen but if you choose the wrong wallpaper adhesive, it’s never going to be the professional finish that you’re after. In fact if you choose the wrong wallpaper adhesive you can ruin your stunning new wallpaper and be left with a considerable amount of mess after all your hard home décor work. Here we give you a summary of five of the most common wallpaper adhesives to help you choose the right one for your project: Cold Water Paste Probably one of the most common types of wallpaper adhesive, and one that has been around the longest is cold water paste. This wallpaper adhesive comes in a powder and needs to be mixed with cold water to create a paste  It is probably the type of wallpaper paste that you’re most familiar with but it’s not suitable for all your home décor needs. It offers a number of advantages when it comes to applying wallpaper, the main one being that it takes time to dry which is actually a huge bonus when it comes to self-decorating projects, allowing you to reposition and even remove wallpaper with ease – ensuring that you’re completely happy with your positioning before the adhesive dries. However, cold water paste also has some disadvantages too, especially when it comes to the complexity of the mix. It is really important that you get the consistency of the wallpaper paste just right when mixing the powder with the water. If the mixture is too thick, you’ll get lumps under your wallpaper whilst too runny a consistency will result in additional mess and may even reduce the adhesion of the paste. Cold Water Paste is most suitable for applying standard paste the paper type wallpapers when you want value for money for your adhesive. All Purpose Paste Over recent years, al purpose pastes have become one of the best selling wallpaper adhesive varieties. Designed to be used with virtually any type of wallpaper, all purpose pastes come in both traditional powder form (as mentioned above) and ready mixed varieties.  One of the advantages of all purpose pastes is that they usually contain fungicides which prevent mould growth, making them perfect for rooms which are prone to damp conditions like the kitchen or the bathroom. However all purpose pastes are not always suitable on all types of wallpaper and have been known to  cause certain inks used in the wallpaper printing process to bleed, so it is vital that the all purpose paste you choose is compatible with your wallpaper. If you’re looking for a good quality all purpose paste, we recommend Erfurt Mav All Purpose Adhesive which is available here at Go Wallpaper for your convenience. Heavy Duty Paste Less common but still often used is heavy duty wallpaper paste. Heavy duty wallpaper paste is similar to cold water paste but has a different manufacturing process. Instead of being water based, heavy duty pastes tend to be vinyl-based. This offers a stronger, longer lasting hold which is perfect for thick or heavy wallpaper. However one disadvantage of this stronger bond, is that it comes with shorter drying times , meaning that you have to work quickly with wallpaper application and there is little room for repositioning . These types of vinyl based wallpaper adhesives are also more difficult to remove than all-purpose or cold water pastes. Heavy duty pastes are most suited to heavy, embossed or textured wallpapers. Paste The Wall Adhesive Over recent years, people doing home décor are more concerned with convenience which has led to an increase in the sale of paste the wall adhesives which most commonly come ready mixed. There are a variety of all-purpose paste the wall adhesives and more specialist ones like Anderton Three in one Damp proof Foil Paper Adhesive  which are designed to be used in conjunction with specialist wallpapers, especially lining papers. The main advantage of paste the wall wallpaper adhesive is that it causes less mess during the application process in comparison to other methods of wallpaper application. Ready to Use Paste The final variety of wallpaper paste that is commonly used in home décor is ready to use wallpaper paste. Similar to paste the wall adhesive, comes pre-mixed.  Although it is often more expensive than cold water paste varieties, it offers a number of advantages in addition to convenience alone. The main advantage of ready to use paste is that the consistency is already perfect for application without the risk of thin mixes which allow wallpaper to slide or thick mixes which leave a lumpy finish to your application. Available in a variety of sizes, ready to use pastes tend to be perfect for feature walls and small rooms where not much is required. We recommend Little Green Ready Mixed Wallpaper Adhesive. Now you have a good idea of the different styles of wallpaper adhesive available and what advantages they offer, view our full range here.