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A beautiful selection of bathroom wallpaper designs and styles which have been carefully chosen due to their durable and washable nature.  From pastel tones to more elaborate patterns, or white paintable designs, a plentiful choice to lighten and brighten your bathroom.

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Different rooms in the home need different attention when decorating. When looking to redecorate the bathroom, you need to consider the type of wallpaper you choose as well as the wallpaper style.

Due to steam and condensation, the bathroom tends to be a rather damp place. Many types of wallpaper can’t deal with these moisture levels and end up peeling, growing mould and other not so pleasant things. It’s therefore vital that you choose a good lining paper for your bathroom. At Go Wallpaper we offer a range of lining papers and wallpapers that are appropriate for the bathroom.

Once you’ve chosen the right type of wallpaper, choosing a bathroom wallpaper style is much more fun. Mid toned bright colours like yellow and aqua are perfect for lightening and brightening a bathroom, whilst pastel tones can add an elegant touch.

Striped wallpaper is a popular bathroom look, as are nautical styled wallpapers in red, white and blue shades. For those looking to capitalise on the bathroom theme, blue tones work well too.

Whatever style of wallpaper for bathrooms you choose, we’re sure that our vast selection of bathroom wallpaper will fit the bill.