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Dining Room

Looking for dining room wallpaper ideas? From casual to formal dining room wallpaper, create the right atmosphere in your dining room with our carefully selected patterns and designs.

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Dining rooms have come back into fashion in recent years and they are no longer the stuffy rooms our grandparents used for special occasions. Today, dining rooms aren’t necessarily individual rooms, as many people are choosing to create a fabulous dining space within a lounge or kitchen. This is perfect for creating a formal dining space when guests come round and also for maintaining an easy to use space for family dining throughout the week.

Even if your dining room is part of another room, you can still create its very own personality by choosing a fabulous dining room wallpaper.

Wallpapers for dining rooms, come in all guises. A vintage inspired wallpaper is perfect for creating a formal space with entertaining in mind, whilst damask prints can add a touch of luxury synonymous with fine dining establishments. Modern florals and stripes can also add a great twist to a dining room whilst effects like dado panels, glitter wallpaper and other effects each have a place in wallpapers for the dining room too.

Choose a colour scheme that will tie in with the other zones of the room yet choose a wallpaper which creates an accent for its own personality. Whatever style you go for, our extensive range of dining room paper has something to suit every home.