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Damask Wallpaper - A Timeless Design Given a New Lease of Life

Everywhere you look at the moment you will see damask wallpaper designs. They are seen in interior design stores, in friend’s houses, in cafes and shops. So why exactly are they everywhere at the moment? Well to be honest they’re not everywhere just at the moment, damask wallpaper is everywhere all the time. You’re just noticing it now because it’s more in trend than ever before.

The History of Damask
The iconic damask we know and love, is an elaborately scrolled motif series arranged in an elegant grid pattern. So interestingly the damask design is not originally from wallpaper but from fabric designs. Vintage damask patterns were originally from China over a thousand years ago. Formed from a variety of weaving techniques on satin and twill, the design also offered different textures that sheened in the light. Furthermore, as the pattern was woven, it was reversible offering two great looks in one piece.

In the 14th Century, damask patterns really took off in Europe and were the south after style of the aristocracy. The vintage damask designs varied, some offering fruit, others feather designs. In some cases, there were animal depictions as trends altered. Until the advent of wallpaper printing much later, damask wallpaper designs were created. They grew in choice and popularity over the years that followed.

Damask Today
What we refer to as damask design is a scrolled motif in a grid pattern. They have a heavy pattern repeat and the styles vary greatly. Thanks to wallpaper specialists like Muriva, Arthouse and others, damask wallpaper designs are unrivalled in design and colour choice. Some specialists offer more vintage damask styles. Modern damask wallpaper prints are brought to life with glitter accents, metallic highlights, embossed textures and other luxurious finishes.

Here are three of our favourite damask wallpaper designs to inspire you this season:

Muriva Damask Padded Effect Wallpaper – Firstly, this beautifully designed damask wallpaper offers a completely new approach to vintage damask wallpaper styles. Featuring a blown vinyl textured design, it has a stunning quilt effect finish. This emulates the fabric history of the style itself. In a range of exquisite, muted colours it offers an elegant finish which transcends the seasons. Buy the design here.

Arthouse Celestial Damask White/Silver Glitter Wallpaper – Secondly, this striking wallpaper features a much more modern version on a damask design. It presents a more uniform pattern offering. Finished with glitter flecks, it creates a subtle shimmer effect as it catches and reflects the light. This makes it the perfect choice for bouncing light around a small room. Get the look here.

Arthouse Bari Damask Blush Glitter Wallpaper – Finally, we have another glitter finish version. This delightful damask design from Arthouse offers a more traditional look. In heavyweight textured vinyl it oozes luxury. The soft, blush pink colour scheme offers a feminine touch which is perfect for adding character to a bedroom. Buy the design here.

There are plenty more damask wallpaper designs in our damask wallpaper collection.

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