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  • Brown Wallpaper Designs - Showcasing 6 of the Best for 2017

    Brown wallpaper is in-trend for the start of 2017. Brown is the colour of earth, nature and foundation. It is also the colour of reliability, grounding, security, honesty and warmth. It makes brown wallpaper designs a great choice for any room in your home this season.

  • 5 Ways to Add Blue Wallpaper to Your Home

    Choosing the correct wall covering can dramatically alter the look and feel of a room. You can make it look bigger, warmer, brighter or hide imperfections. Blue wallpaper designs are certainly on-trend this season so here we look at five ways to add blue wallpaper to your home and significantly improve the look of any room.

  • Bronze and Gold Wallpaper - Add Roman Styling to Your Bedroom

    Today, luxurious and opulent Roman styling is perfectly on-trend, allowing you to add glamour to your home too. A number of leading wallpaper manufacturers have metallic toned bronze and gold wallpaper designs available. These wallpapers enable you to easily recreate the look in your own home.

  • Black and White Wallpaper - A Fresh New Look for Your Home

    This season, there’s more to home décor than colour. Bright, vibrant shades are taking a step back whilst timeless black and white wallpaper prints spring to life ready to transform any room. Here we look at five great ways to use black and white wallpaper to update your home.

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