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  • Art Deco Wallpaper Making A Huge Come Back

    Art Deco is one of the in-looks of the season. Oozing glamour and luxury, Art Deco Wallpaper has made a tremendous come back offering wallpaper styles characterised by rich colours, bold geometry and exquisite detail work, from big brand names like Arthouse and Little Greene to mention a few. Here are three of our favourites and how to make them work at home.

  • Floral Wallpaper Remains a Firm Favourite

    There is no denying that floral wallpaper has been a firm favourite for hundreds of years. It has many guises from ancient damask designs to Victorian floral styles, retro flower wallpaper, chintz designs and beyond. So today, floral wallpaper is as popular as ever so we’re going to share five of our favourite floral wallpaper designs ready for Spring.

  • Damask Wallpaper - A Timeless Design Given a New Lease of Life

    Thanks to wallpaper specialists like Muriva, Arthouse and others, damask wallpaper designs are unrivalled in design and colour choice. Some offer more vintage damask styles whilst modern damask wallpaper prints are brought to life with glitter accents, metallic highlights, embossed textures and other luxurious finishes.

  • Red Wallpaper Transitions with Pantone of the Year 2017

    We’re always thrilled to hear the big reveal for Pantone of the year. Why? Because the Pantone of the year goes a long way in setting the predominant colours of the season. This year we’re excited about the Pantone of the Year and about the transition colours that complement it, especially red wallpaper.

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